This book was stimulated because no general publication in English about insect conservation and protected species in Taiwan has been available since the Wildlife Conservation Law (WCL) was enacted. Moreover, some information, either biological or taxonomic of the protected species, has been updated since the Chinese version of this book was published in 2000. Currently, we also noticed that the WCL and the involved laws in Taiwan have been largely overlooked by foreign insect collectors and entomological researchers, therefore, an introductory book on these affairs providing reliable information and in simple language seems to be very necessary.
The scopes of this identification guide are not only to enhance the knowledge of correctly identifying protected species, and moreover, to provide the most current information of the conservation status and complete bibliography in various aspects of each species. We do hope, also, that this book will help those who are studying the insect fauna and concerning insect conservation in Taiwan.

Shen-Horn Yen
Imperial College Lond
The Natural History Museum, London
Ping-Shih Yang
National Taiwan University