Being the most diversified and abundant taxonomic group in the animal kingdom, insects always play an important role in the food chains, food webs, and ecosystems. Whether from the viewpoint of culture, economics, academic research, nature conservation or education, insects have a very close relationship with human beings for a long time.

However, due to over-development of land or inappropriate utilization, some insect resources have faced severe impacts. Many special habitats of insects degraded because of improper management, and those insects with narrow distribution or specific food habits, are on the edge of extinction. Moreover, unlawful and unlimited hunting for insects by some collectors or traders has not only destroyed the habitats but also caused the crisis of species extinction. To preserve endemic biological resources, and to support the conservation efforts of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the Council of Agriculture has published the Chinese edition of "Illustrated Identification Guide to Insects Protected by the CITES and Wildlife Conservation Law of Taiwan, R.O.C." in 2000 to provide a reference for local law enforcement personnel, and also to promote the public awareness of insect conservation.

Besides the insect species covered by CITES appendices, Endangered and Rare and Valuable insects protected under Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Law are included. This book is full of fine pictures and detailed description of the distribution, ecological and conservation status on species level. It is our hope that the English edition of this book will provide a useful identification tool for international conservation community.


Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan