We wish to thank the following officials who helped us in various aspects during preparing the manuscript of this book:
Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuen (Taipei, Taiwan)-Prof. H.-H. Chen, Mr. S.-C. Chen, Mr. H.-Y. Tang, Mr. K.-Y. Fang, Miss F.-L. Lee, Mr. C.-J. Chen, Mr. G.-B. Wang and Miss H.-L. Yang for all assistance in financial support; Department of Entomology, The Natural History Museum (London, UK)--Mr. P.R. Ackery, Dr. G.S. Robinson, Mrs. K. Goodger, Dr. H. Mendel and Mr. M. Kerly for their allowance for examining all the related type material, and Miss G. Campling of the Picture Library of NHM for providing us to use images taken in the museum under the agreement and courtesy of NHM; Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)--Mr. C. G. Treadaway for offering type material of Papilio hermeli and a long series of Troides magellanus from Mindanao for photography; Department of Medical Parasitology, Clinical Institute of Hygiene, University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)--Dr. H. Aspock and Naturwissenschaftlichen Sammlungen des Ferdinandeums (Innsbruck, Austria)--Dr. G.M. Tarmann for their kind permission for taking pictures of their long series collection of Parnassius apollo; Museum national d'Histoire naturelle, Laboratoire d'Entomologie (Paris, France)--Dr. J. Minet and Mr. R. Rougerie for assisting in photography for Papilio hospiton and Papilio homerus; Department of Biology, National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei, Taiwan)--Dr. Y.-F. Hsu for his scientific comments on the Chinese version; Department of Entomology, Ohio State University (OH, USA)--Mr. C.-F. Lee for his correction and comments on early manuscript; Division of Zoology, Taiwan Endemic Species Research Institute (Chi-chi, Taiwan)--Mr. Y.-L. Yang for his assistant in providing invaluable data of Troides magellanus and Atrophaneura horishana; Department of Entomology, National Taiwan University (Taipei, Taiwan)--Mr. L.-J. Wang, Mr. Y.-J. Chen, Mr. H.-Y. Lee, Mr. W.-I. Chou, Mr. H.-T. Li, Mr. S.-P. Ker and Mr. Y.-A. Lin for their providing voucher specimens and nice photographs; finally Miss C.-M. Yang for her efforts in editorial issues.
We hope that this book will help amateurs, professionals and officials to correctly identify those protected species and enjoy the nature of Taiwan.

Decembre 2001

Shen-Horn Yen
Ping-Shih Yang